The Cider Pantry, Burley


I've already posted about The Cider Pantry on the blog formerly known as Hef's Kitchen, but it's so good I thought it deserved another post. Especially as I got to go there again this week for my friend Georgie's birthday. Georgie lives about 100 miles away from me, but we've kept our long distance friendship going through a shared love of food, mini adventures, dogs and more food.

The Cider Pantry lives in a super lovely place called Burley, which is filled with ponies and witch related shops (apparently some witchy stuff happened there in the olden days) and the pantry is super lovely and beautiful in its own right. It's part of New Forest Cider, which means there is lots of nice local cider about, when I went last year I had a fruit and roots (before total teetotalism set in) which was a mix of ginger beer and cider, this time I went for a local apple juice which was just as nice. The last few times I've been there I've always been swayed by the ploughmans, I can honestly say it's the best i've had and it comes with local cheese and cider chutney, but this time I had the New Forest Cider spicy rarebit, which was equally as cheesy and delicious.

They also do a selection of cakes and scones and I succumbed to some cider and sultana scones the first time I went with Georgie, because really, who can resist them. They were fluffy, warm and served with the cutest pail of clotted cream and strawberry jam. If you're ever around the area, check it out, you can burn off all of the calories after with a beautiful bike ride around the forest (which will be even more fun if you've had a bit of cider).

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