Casa de Laila, Spain


I've been in love with Canopy and Stars ever since vegan Emma and I went on our first adventure to the 'Creepy Death Cabin' and since then have stayed in a Yurt in an apple Orchard, a cabin in the middle of the Black mountains, a converted van on a farm in Wales and an old VW camper with a bell tent. But this one topped them all, my lovely mum took me to Casa de Laila and from the moment I set foot in our cute, cosy bell tent, I never wanted to leave. We did a lot of reading, some yoga, had a beautiful massage, but the best thing of all was the food (isn't it always). The hostess, Anne Marie cooked up a veggie feast on the second night we stayed and not only was it in the most beautiful setting, on a terrace, surrounded by mountains with the sun going down. The food was fresh, local, (we literally saw her picking fennel from her garden for the Paella), delicious and vegetarian. 

The meal started with feta, tomato, basil and watermelon skewers, which were the perfect antidote to the sun which was still beating down on the terrace, wonderfully refreshing and light. Then we had a cold soup made with tomatoes and garlic, with half an avocado on the middle (avocados are welcome on my plate any time), which again was really refreshing, packed with flavour and lovely and light.

Which was good because the main course was a huge vegetarian paella filled with artichoke, broad beans and fennel from the garden.

It was served along with a gem lettuce and roasted garlic salad and the whole dish was hearty and tasted incredible.

By this point we were pretty full and I didn't even think I would be able to manage desert, but as soon as it came out I was magically hungry again. We had almond and chocolate brownie, with mascarpone and a candied clementine, which had been picked from the grounds at Casa de Laila. After all of that it was back to the tent for a comfy nights sleep. I couldn't recommend it more and want to go back as soon as I can!

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