Breakfast Smoothie Bowl


Breakfast is my favorite meal. I always wake up hungry and I always want to eat something really good. My favourite thing to have for breakfast is either a big fat breakfast burrito or hevous rancheros, but I can't really eat those things all the time because a. I would have to get up about an hour earlier every morning (and that is never going to happen) and b. I would probably be obese. Most mornings I have yoghurt with berries, honey and granola, sometimes I have a cheeky bit of toast with marmite and butter and sometimes I just have a juice or a smoothie. But this time I decided to put my smoothie and yoghurt together and make a breakfast bowl. I love this idea, because it looks super healthy, but tastes like you're eating frozen yoghurt for breakfast. What's not to like about that. It's really easy to make and can be done in about 5 minutes, so you can spend some extra time looking at pointless things on your phone in bed.

1 banana
A handful of frozen blueberries
A handful of frozen raspberries
A handful of frozen mango chunks
2 tbsp dairy free yoghurt
100ml almond milk
Berries, slices of banana and granola to sprinkle on top

1. Put everything in to a blender and blend
2. Top with goodies and eat
3. Go back to bed

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