The Sleepout, Wales


This post is quite belated, as we went on this adventure about a month ago and I've been umming and ahhing about posting it because I already did a pizza post, but I decided in the end that we'd taken so many pictures of our food, I wanted to put them up. As I said in the pizza post, Mr Hef really didn't want to go, but I persuaded him and he absolutely loved it! We took our puppy Travis with us and it was their first experience of glamping. Mr Hef really enjoyed making fires, sleeping and walking through the forest and I think Travis enjoyed being a wild dog for a couple of days. We booked with Canopy and Stars and I've already mentioned how much I LOVE them!

The Sleepout was beautiful and completely exceeded all of my expectations, from the amazing view from the bed which you have to climb up to via a wooden ladder, to the outdoor kitchen equipped with a wood-fired oven. Mr Hef was in love with the shower, which was a few steps away, warm and had a see through roof and didn't even mind the compost toilet with it's land rover door. Seriously, if you need an escape, book this place.

Anyway, this is a food blog so lets move on to the food. The first night we made sausages and mash, because sausages are made for camping. But I don't have a photo because we ate it all before I remembered! Then we used the left over sausages (from secret sausages) and Bacon (from Redwoods) to make a veggie full English for breakfast in the outdoor kitchen. Served with fresh mint and fennel tea from Rachel and Mike's (the lovely people who own The Sleepout) garden. Travis likes to get involved in everything so he's having a little photobomb moment in this picture/ probably trying to eat the breakfast because he's also a huge pig.

The weather was a mixture of rain, sun, more rain, more sun and rainbows. It was sunny in the evening, so we thought we'd made the most of the pizza oven. Mr Hef got the fire going and kept it going for around an hour with this device.

I made the dough, letting it rise next to the gorgeous wood burner, which also came in handy for keeping us warm when we were having a nap (spot the Travis). 

Here's a picture of some local asparagus, just because it's pretty. We brought most of our food supplies from the local farm shop because I always think it's nice to try local produce where ever you are.

The sauce for the pizza bubbling away, you can find the recipe on my previous post here.

Seriously, how beautiful is this place? We sat here and ate all of our meals, looking out over the welsh countryside and stayed here with candles lit until bed time playing scrabble and connect 4 with a snoring Travis on one of our laps (usually mine, he's a mummy's boy).

On the last day it was Mr Hefs birthday and what we call our anniversary because we're not really too sure, but it was around this time 9 years ago. We went for 2 walks up in the beautiful forest, climbing over fallen trees and carrying Travis over puddles (what a wetty). And in the evening we used the pizza oven to make pasta bake with the left over pizza sauce and dough balls stuffed with mozarella. A big hearty meal, needed after all of the exploring. 

I really want a wood fired oven in my back garden, I working on getting Mr Hef to build me one, along with a wood fired hot tub, a hedgehog house, a herb garden and bee hive. Maybe one day. 

And of course there was cake! Lemon cake from the farm shop, with local strawberries and mint tea from the garden. I think I ate cake for lunch every day, because that's totally acceptable when you're on holiday. 

I was really sad to return home, the 3 night stay wasn't nearly long enough. Sleeping in the peace and quiet in a warm cosy bed where you can see the stars, the lack on Internet and fresh air are exactly what you need to recharge your batteries. I urge everyone to try it.

And here's an actual picture of Travis in Wales, seeing as he tried to get in to so many of the other ones. 

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