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I haven't posted in a while because the last month and a bit have been a bit crazy mental. Some really bad things happened, I lost an old friend, my nan and granddad lost their house in a fire, but some really good things happened too. I've spent more time with good friends, had an amazing family holiday in Cornwall and watched Mr Hef jump out of a plane at 15,000 feet in Devon. As always I want to focus on the good, so this post is about an incredible restaurant I visited in St Ives while I was away in Cornwall. It's become a bit of a yearly holiday with my Dad, brothers, their girlfriends and Mr Hef. We stay in a dream house which is on top of a cliff overlooking the beautiful beach at Mawgan Porth and only a short drive to the most beautiful places in England.

Most of the days were spent eating, sleeping and exploring, but one of the days we went on a trip to St Ives and on the top of my list to visit was Spinacio's, the restaurant faces the stunning Harbour and is surrounded by cute shops and lots of other veggie friendly places. We booked super late because we were deciding what to do in the week, but we managed to get a table in the early evening and then luckily another couple canceled so we got the window seat. The restaurant is super cute and tiny and the tables seem to book up fast, so definitely book in advance!

The menu is written on a big black board and changes seasonally with vegetables fresh from their own gardens and there's lots to choose from. The best part of going to a vegetarian restaurant is that there's so many options and the best part about going with Mr Hef is that he lets me pick what he's having so that I can try more than one dish that catches my eye.

To start we had fresh bread with italian olives and fava bean dip with gridded toasts. Fresh homemade bread is the one for me and this bread ticked all the boxes, fresh, flavourful and the most amazing texture. The olives were some of the best i've ever had, huge and juicy and the fava bean dip with sprouts and salad were the perfect accompaniment. So far I was seriously impressed!

Then we went on to the mains, I had creamy spicy beans, coconut and turmeric pancakes and a peanut, coconut and lime salsa and Mr Hef had new potato and walnut crush cakes with courgette and mint pickles and a walnut sauce. Both were delicious, but I definitely think I picked the winner, everything wen't so well together, it was spicy, fresh and filling. The peanut salsa was incredible, I didn't want it to end.

Mr Hefs was still so lovely, wonderfully flavoured new potato and courgette cakes with punchy pickles. I managed to give his quite a good try too!

And of course we had to have a pudding, we were pretty full at this point so we shared a hazelnut meringue with cassis cream and raspberries (when I say shared I mean he had one bite and I ate the rest, he's not a massive pudding person). Which was just as delightful as the rest of the meal, perfectly indulgent, but just enough fruit to stop you feeling bad. I throughly recommend going for a meal and just going to St Ives in general.

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  1. I went to St Ives last week and was looking forward to eating there after hearing such fantastic reviews, sadly it had closed it doors forever. Such a shame. The food You showcase looks wonderfully original too.


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