Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen, Bath


This is the 3rd time I've been to Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen and it never ever disappoints. This is the first time we've been for lunch though as we were saving the evenings in Bath for sitting in front of the fire, wrapped in blankets, playing board games. I can confirm that lunch is just as good and really good value too at 16.95 for 2 courses or 19.95 for 3 courses. Mr Hef was a bit of a wetty and only had one course after eating too much breakfast, but I went all out and had the Christmas menu, which was even better at 16.95 for 3 courses. The restaurant is basically an old house, so it's lovely and intimate and was decorated with super cute bunting and Christmas decorations making it all festive (maybe swaying me towards the Christmas menu, who knows).

The Christmas menu started with cauliflower soup topped with capers. If I'm honest, the thought of cauliflower soup isn't all that exciting to me, I like cauliflower and I like soup, but the two together is usually a bit blah. This really wasn't, it was so unbelievably delicious, especially with the crunchy salty capers on top and the crisp fresh sour dough to dip in. Mr Hef ate a fair amount too (after not ordering a starter) and absolutely loved it!

When I go to a restaurant I usually take a picture of the menu so that I can remember what I ate when I come to post later, but I forgot to do that and then forgot what I had. So I'll do my best here... for the main I had a nut roast, with some fancy nice potatoes, brussel sprouts, cranberries and some kind of cherry flavoured white splodges. What ever it was, it was all incredibly delicate, but packed with flavour. The nut roast contained hazelnuts that tasted so much like the smell of our living room fire, it was proper comforting. The sprouts and fancy potatoes were perfectly cooked and it was topped off with the tartness of the cherry splodges. It was a really bloody lovely vegetarian roast dinner.

Mr Hef had Calabrese Broccoli & Confit Jersey Royals with spelt grain warmed in a smoked almond and olive oil emulsion, lovage and pickled cabbage, (I know that because it's on the website) which he really enjoyed. I couldn't resist eating a huge chunk of broccoli because it looked so fresh and tasty (which it was) and also tried a bit of everything else (of course) which was equally as good as mine, I especially liked the pickled cabbage on the side.

My desert was a little chocolate pot with almond mince meat, which I had with a spiced mulled cider (it is Christmas after all). I didn't share this one with Mr Hef (well one bite) it was too good to share and the perfect end to a festive meal. This restaurant is an absolute must in you're in Bath, vegetarian or not, you won't be disappointed.

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