Wai Kika Moo Kau, Brighton


The last time I came to Brighton it was half a total disaster, half really great. My older brother and I were driving down to get an engagement ring made for his now fiancée and as I was helping him out he said he'd treat me to some food at a vegetarian restaurant. We left at midday thinking that we would get there in great time, but unfortunately it was the day of the Shoreham air crash, which was obviously horrendous for all those involved and also meant that we we're sat in the car for a good 5 hours. It was getting to the point that we thought we were going to be too late to get to the jewellery shop and my brother wouldn't be able to get the ring made. We made it with 10 minutes to spare, ran all the way to the shop and my brother gave the lady pictures, diamond sizes and a few other things I didn't understand. She picked up a little book, flicked through and said she'd already made him the ring he wanted. By some kind of crazy magic, she had, he brought it, got it resized and took me for the food he promised. We went to Wai Kika Moo Kau, mainly because we both wanted something pretty big to eat and it offered burgers and burritos. That time I had a burger and he had a burrito, which gave me serious food envy, so when we went back last week I knew where I wanted to go.

There it is in all it's burritoy glory, I had it with a side of nachos, homemade dips and dairy free cheese. I'm not a huge fan of store brought vegan cheese, but it was seriously good on the nachos. The burrito was packed full of chilli, rice, dairy free cheese and just general delicious goodness. Mr Hef had a falafel and hummus wrap, which I forgot to try because I was so engrossed in the burrito, but he loved it too. 

We sat outside so that Travis could sit with us, we're pretty good at not feeding him human food, because he's a greedy little goblin, but we did cave a little bit on and gave him a cheeky chip. He totally approved. It was the perfect spot to stop and people watch, check it out if you're ever in Brighton.

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