Beer Battered Tofish and Chips with Mushy Peas and Tartar Sauce


I've been wanting to make this for ages, but despite Mr Hef being a lot more adventurous with vegan food as of late, I don't think he will ever want to eat battered tofu (he doesn't know what he's missing). So while he was away this weekend I fully indulged in fat Friday all by myself. I'm not the biggest fan of the deep fat fryer. It's a bit scary and it makes everything smell so bad, but occasionally, when you just feel like to need to eat something crispy and satisfying, it becomes your friend. I loved making this, so I'm sure it wont be the last time! 

Serves 2:

For the tofu
400g block of tofu, drained and pressed
1 sheet of sushi Nori
2 tbsp soy sauce
4 tbsp flour

For the tartar sauce
100ml Vegan mayonaise
2 tbsp capers
2 medium gherkins chopped
A squeeze of lemon juice
A pinch of black pepper

For the peas
200g frozen peas
2 tbsp vegan margarine
50ml almond milk
Salt and pepper

For the chips
3 large potatoes
2 tbsp vegetable oil
Salt and pepper

For the batter
100g flour
1tsp baking powder
100ml vegan beer
50ml sparkling water

1. Turn your oven on to 200 degrees, then start by cutting the tofu in to about 8 blocks, then brush with the soy sauce, cut the nori to the same size and stick to one of the flat sides, then put to one side while you make the rest.
2. Make the tartar sauce by mixing all of the ingredients together and popping in the fridge for when you're ready to eat.
3. Start your chips off by adding the oil to a baking tray and putting in the oven while you get the potatoes ready.
4. Chop the potatoes in to chip sized chunks (skin on and off) and boil for 7 minutes until starting to soften, rough them up a bit in the colander, and tip them in to the hot tray, season and cook for 40-60 minutes until brown and crispy.
5. While the chips are cooking turn the deep fat fryer on and heat to 190 degrees.
6. Make the batter by mixing the flour and baking power together, then slowly adding the beer and sparkling water while whisking and pop in to the fridge until ready to use. 
7. When you get to around 15 minutes left of potato cooking time, take your batter out of the fridge, tip the flour on to a plate and coat the tofu in flour and shake off any excess. 
8. Coat each piece of tofu in batter then carefully drop in to the deep fat fryer and cook for around 10 minutes until golden brown. 
9. This gives you just enough time to boil your peas, then add to a food processor with the butter, almond milk and salt and pepper and blitz until you have a lovely green mush. 
10. Remove the tofu from the fryer and drain on to kitchen towel, take the chips out of the oven, and serve together with the tartar sauce, mushy peas and anything else you like to have with Tofuish and chips (pickles, always pickles).

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