Top Dog, Soho


A week or 2 ago (they all kind of blur in to one don't they) Mr Hef and I went to London to see Harry Potter: The Cursed Child. Whenever I go to London all I want to do is eat, there is so much good vegan food and so much good vegan food that I can't usually get at home. So I usually eat myself in to a little food coma. I've wanted to go to Top Dog in Soho for ages, it keeps popping up on my instagram giving my super food envy, so when I saw that it was a 5 minute walk away from the theatre it was a done deal. Unfortunately it's closed it's doors for the time being, but looking at pop up shops, so if hopefully we can all enjoy some more of it vegan goodness soon.

The food is seriously good, the menu isn't 100% vegan, but everything is labeled really well. I'd kind of already decided what I wanted before I went, so ordered the chilli 'cheese' dog, fried pickles and fries. They also had Kentucky Fried Cauliflower on the menu, which I really wanted, but there's only so much one girl can eat.

When you want junk food, you want junk food and this didn't disappoint, the hot dog was huge and filled with vegan chilli, 'cheese' sauce and some really tasty onions. The highlight though was the fried pickles, I could eat pickles all day and they are even better covered in batter and deep fried.

I really hope to see them back around soon, once just wasn't enough! 

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