Why Vegetarian, Why Vegan?

This isn't a page about why you should be vegetarian or vegan, it's more a story about my journey to becoming vegetarian/vegan. Just incase any one was interested. It all started when I was 12, we had a vegetarian lodger and as I'd grown up in between 2 brothers, I thought she was the coolest person ever. I think because of this I was telling my mum and older brother that I wanted to stop eating meat over dinner, so my brother bet me that I couldn't do it for 2 weeks. The prize was a bewitched CD, obviously my 12 year old self wanted this more than anything, so the bet was on. I got my bewitched CD and carried on for a while, until one day I went to my Dad's for dinner and he had sausages on sticks that looked like giant lollypops. 12 year old me didn't have the kind of morals I have now to prevent me from eating sausage lollypops, so I caved and ate meat again until I was 14. 

I'd love for this part of the story to be really profound, to have been a little 14 year old activist who loved animals and the environment more than anything, but that's not what happened. All of that came later. The real reason I gave up meat was that I didn't like it, my mum was cooking me meals and I was eating everything except the meat. So she just stopped cooking it for me and I became a pescatarian. Around the same time a couple of my friends also became vegetarian and bullied me hard about eating fish, so I gave that up too. They were hardcore in to their vegetarianism and although I've loved animals all of my life, I think it was then that I started to care a lot more about animals and a lot more about what was happening to them. I spent a lot of time watching horrible videos on PETA and educating myself (I'm not really a fan of PETA anymore). More and more of my friends became vegetarian and some starting becoming vegan, it became pretty normal to not eat meat and to be a mini animal activist. 

I got stricter and stricter, stopping Haribo, parmesan, wearing anything that came from an animal, I started caring so much more about the environment. I went to uni and read Eating Animals and stopped buying eggs and milk, but still ate everything with them in, cakes, chocolate and I still ate cheese. Going vegan was on my mind for a couple of years, but I had so many reasons not to and so many reasons I didn't want you. Like cake, like afternoon tea, like going to a shop and just picking up a sandwich, like PIZZA, PIZZA.  But I slowly started to cut it all out, which I think was the best way for me, I started ordering vegan meals at restaurants and then one day decided to completely stop, but I still eat cake, afternoon tea, sandwiches from shops and pizza and it's just as good. 

It is like everyone tells you, I feel so much better, my skin is better, I magically lost weight even though I eat so much food. I don't miss cheese, I'm actually enjoying food more and my digestive system is so much better. I totally recommend it, I'm still learning and I'm not a fan of people that worship at the alter of vegan/make you feel bad for not being perfect (I still eat locally produced honey, this would render me unvegan to some). But anyway, that's where I came from and this is where I am today! 

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